40 Years of Tube Manufacturing Knowledge

  • Indiana Tube’s first tube mill under construction.

  • Indiana Tube’s first tube mill in production running .250” tubing.

  • Indiana Tube completes expansion of new fabrication, shipping and office areas

  • Indiana Tube becomes sole supplier of serpentines to Evansville Whirlpool division

  • Indiana Tube purchased by Handy & Harman

  • Indiana Tube develops and installs the first of 5 flying cut lines to supply auto benders

  • Indiana Tube completes third building expansion for the installation of Mill 3.

  • Indiana Tube completes warehouse and fabrication building expansions.

  • Indiana Tube completes installation of Mill 4 with improved capabilities of line speed and coiling operations.

  • Indiana Tube Mill 5 installation complete

  • Indiana Tube Opens Ft. Smith Arkansas facility.

  • Indiana Tube completes installation of Mill 6 and expansion of supporting fabrication equipment.

  • Indiana Tube completes relocation of Mill 1 shipped to the new Kolding, Denmark facility further expanding global sales and service.

  • Indiana Tube launches production of 5/32” and heavy wall 5/8” coiled tubing.

  • Indiana Tube completes the first of five auto loader systems for fabrication

  • Indiana Tube expands cutting capacity with Haven cutter work center.

  • Indiana Tube completes installation of Mill 7 and auto cut off

  • Indiana Tube develops Nickel Coated tube process for Automotive applications.

  • Indiana Tube opens manufacturing operation in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico

  • Indiana Tube is in full production on the new Auto Saw work center

  • Indiana Tube completes building improvements. Current state view of building expansions

  • Indiana Tube produces CT spooled tube for hang off and well service applications.

  • Indiana Tube completes installation of Mill 9 to support Oil & Gas CT sales.

  • Indiana Tube in full production on Mill 10 and completes installation of a new high speed cut off saw.

  • Indiana Tube extends capabilities for work string applications producing diameters up to 1.5”

Indiana Tube Corporation (ITC) began manufacturing low carbon mechanical grade welded steel tubing in 1974.  Over the 40 years of service ITC has expanded capabilities and product offerings to meet the continuous needs of our customers and the markets we serve.   Since the infancy of the company ITC has maintained operational focus on superior product quality and outstanding customer focus. ITC has a variety of value add product offerings to meet your production needs. 

  • Coiled Products:  Level wound to maximize shipping capacity & performance
  • Coiled Tube:  Bias weld & Radiograph tested
  • Cut Lengths:  From 2 inches to 64 feet, annealed or as welded products
  • Coatings:  Copper Flash, Aluminized, Nickel are standard
  • Quality:  In-line anneal for consistent mechanical and dimensional properties
  • Stocking Program:  Coiled, Cut and CT products available from stock
  • Packaging:  Customer specific and standard returnable racks
  • Lead Times:  Short lead times for standard coiled and cut products
  • Service & Flexibility:  On-Site sales & engineering support for special applications

About Indiana Tube Corporation

Indiana Tube Corporation (ITC) is a manufacturer of low carbon mechanical grade welded steel tubing used for diverse industries worldwide.  ITC products are used in a variety of fluid & gas carrying applications for Automotive, Large Truck, Heavy Equipment, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Heating & Air and Refrigeration.  Additionally, ITC manufactures non-fluid carrying tube for applications such as, heating elements, welding rods, tubular handles, seating components, sun visor rods, and filtration products.    ITC manufactures a wide range of tube diameter and wall thickness in both Standard and Metric sizes (See Products > Capabilities). 

A commitment to quality and service has been synonymous with the Indiana Tube name.  We make it evident in our commitment to the products and services we supply.  Our experienced team provides expertise on current and new product development utilizing the “H&H Business System” focusing on continuous improvements utilizing: H&H Lean Tools, Kaizen, Six Sigma and ISO 9001 standards.  Our “Vision” to excellence does not stop at the shipping dock; we strive to become business partners with our customers and suppliers to support total elimination of waste throughout the supply chain.

We work successfully with our customers worldwide, to take products from a raw idea to full implementation.  We provide extensive customer-specific solutions for critical applications. You can rely on our team of engineers to refine your ideas, explore options, create new solutions, analyze values and deliver on commitments.  ITC does not only supply tubing options we strive to be your business partner.