Stocking Program

We understand the urgent nature of the business.

Indiana Tube’s stocking programs are designed to help our customers respond to day-to-day demands.

Our stocking programs are designed to provide our customers, both large and small, what they need, when they need it.

To give you maximum flexibility in response to your unique inventory demands, we can also develop stock exclusive to you. These programs offer many benefits and give you the competitive edge. Please contact a Customer Service Representative to learn more.

In-stock spooled tubing sizes

Wall Thickness
Outside Diameter 0.095" 0.109"
Inches Metric 2.41 mm 2.77 mm
0.0750" 19.05 mm    
1.0000" 25.40 mm    
1.2500" 31.75 mm    
1.500" 38.10 mm    
1.7500" 44.45 mm    
  Size Range capability      
Plus a wide selection of in-stock coiled and cut-to-length tubing sizes and build-to-order products.


Stock Spooled Tubing PDF