Customer Service

Indiana Tube Customer ServiceOur customers, large and small, receive the attention they deserve.

Indiana Tube prides itself on being able to operate like a small company, with the resources of Handy & Harman, Ltd. behind us. We know that our customers are the heart of our operation, so our team is armed with the knowledge and skills to assist with your inquiry in every way possible. Thanks to our unique business model where our customer service team is located within our manufacturing plant, we are able to provide feedback to our customers in a timely manner. This setup also provides great flexibility for order expedition and customization.

At Indiana Tube, we strive to exceed customer expectations day-in and day-out. Our engineering staff is on hand to assist you in the design process to develop your raw ideas into full implementation of customer-specific solutions.

How can we help your business? Give us a call at (812) 467-7146 or e-mail: