Cut To Length Tube

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Beyond producing high-quality tubing, Indiana Tube has the capability to cut to length. Our Tubing is of the highest quality and is delivered to our customers, on time, at a competitive price. The quality checks we have built into our manufacturing process give way to dimensionally consistent tubing, suitable for assembly methods including flared and compression fittings. We are continually enhancing our steel tube cutting capabilities to meet customer requirements.

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We Offer Cut Length Products With The Following Services to Meet Your Needs

  • Data Collection: SPC Recording of Production and Testing Operations
  • Material & Product Certifications
  • Square Cut & Brush Deburr (Cut Length & Mill Direct)
  • Ring Cut & Gauge Pin Testing
  • Annealed & Un-Annealed
  • Coatings: Copper Flash, Nickel
  • Kanban Pull Inventory
  • Packaging Options: Bundle, Returnable & Corrugated

"Indiana Tube Offers A Wide Range of Cut Length Tubing And Service To Meet Your Needs"

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